Cross-Cultural Communication

Given the difficulties of interaction between professionals from different cultures and countries, in terms of communication and cultural knowledge, Occasio offers Cross-Cultural Communication services for professionals and companies.  This will help improve the understanding and collaboration between the professionals involved, in order to move forward with projects and business opportunities.

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Collaborating with strategic partners, Occasio achieves these objectives by providing the following services:
* We offer these services in SpanishEnglish and Portuguese.

  • Business English
  • Develop Company's Pitch
  • Improve Presentations and Corporate Materials
  • Translation of Documents

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We are thankful for all that we have learned from each of these partners and clients, and for the opportunity to have collaborated on several important projects together.

I had the pleasure to work with Rafael back in Washington, D.C., and today again I am lucky enough to partner with him in international projects that both of our companies are engaged in. He is a trustworthy, very inclusive and collaborative leader and well-determined to get business done.

Fernanda Alem Freitas
Lawyer, Leader Coach & Mentor,
Brain U Coaching

Rafael é um parceiro muito valioso. Recentemente foi de grande importância no processo de inscrição e preparação do Pitch da nossa Startup para um evento internacional.

Thiago Bonfim  

I have had the pleasure to work with Rafael. He is an extremely passionate, devoted, organized professional. He is a great team leader, networker and gets things done! We worked together for 2 years and Rafael goes above and beyond his work.

Mehreen Sheikh 
Climate Change Communications,
World Bank Group 

Rafael is a high-level international professional I had the pleasure of working with in the Dominican Republic. Passionate and reliable, Rafael goes the extra mile to get the job done. He is a joy to work with and always has the best positive attitude, even in the most boring or most challenging work situations.

Diana Zuluaga 
Co-Founder & Chief Travel Officer, 
Jet D'Or, Inc

What other customers and partners are saying about us.
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These testimonials, in its original language, were copied directly from the LinkedIn page of the 
Founder and Director of Occasio, Mr. Rafael Pinto.